A Plea: Stop Food Fearmongering

news_views_icon“Fear Has No Place in the Produce Department,” By Safer Fruits and Veggies.pepper2
Earlier this month, the Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF) had the opportunity to speak at the Consumer Media Luncheon which took place as part of the New York Produce Show organized each year by the publishers of Produce Business.  Our topic dealt with the impact of fear-based marketing commonly used by activist groups to promote organically-grown foods over conventional. To be sure, we are in midst of a public health crisis with skyrocketing obesity rates and diet-related diseases on the rise. The solution evoked by just about every health expert in the world is to EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES! Yet, despite the best efforts of groups like the Produce for Better Health Foundation and their More Matters campaign as well as initiatives like Let’s Move, Eat Brighter and FNV – produce consumption remains flat and, in fact, has actually declined in recent years.  Read more.

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