Activists Misrepresent FDA Data on Pesticides

news_views_icon“Alliance for Food and Farming: Read Actual USDA Pesticide Report, Not Re-Interpretation,” by Alliance for Food and Farming.
Last month the United States Department of Agriculture released its annual Pesticide Data Program Report. Among the USDA findings — “U.S. food does not pose a safety concern based upon pesticide residues.” In light of activist groups’ annual release of their re-interpretation of the USDA PDP report findings, the Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF) urges the media and consumers to read the government report to see firsthand what it actually says. “Under the Obama Administration, the USDA and the Environmental Protection Agency clearly and concisely explain in the PDP report how the government and corresponding regulatory processes and systems are protective of all consumers, including infants and children,” says Marilyn Dolan, Executive Director of the AFF. “However, some groups take these USDA PDP report findings, manipulate the data and turn a positive report about food safety into a negative one. All we’re asking is that people actually read the USDA PDP report instead of the re-interpretation from activist groups, like the ‘Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce’ and its ‘Dirty Dozen’ list.” Read the full press release posted on The Wall Street Journal website.

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