Alarmist Vocabulary

Armed with good information, consumers are better equipped to tackle misuse of science by activists, researchers, and reporters who benefit from sensationalizing scientific research. The following links offer additional insights to help consumers better assess questionable terminology and phraseology employed by those within the alarmist trade.  Alarmists craft their words so that even studies that find little can appear more significant when reported in the news media. Certain words and phrases work well for this effect.  Key phrases to watch out for include:

Linked to
Classified Carcinogens
Environmental Factors
Chemicals of Concern
Toxic Chemicals
Endocrine Disruptors
Biomonitoring the “Body Burden”
Precautionary Principle
Green Chemistry
Safer substitutes
Inherently Safer Chemicals

Follow the links for each word or phrase above to learn why you need to be skeptical when news stories or environmental activists use these terms to spin an issue.

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