Anti-Neonic “Science”

news_views_icon“Scientist for Hire: UK’s David Goulson produces Pre-determined Pesticide Research for Activist Funders?” By Jon Entine.honeybee_apple_blossom150
Freedom of Information requests initiated first by USRTK have uncovered a plethora of documentation showing how anti-GMO groups coordinate their messaging, often working with pro-organic scientists who have shown a willingness to deliver studies supporting the industry that funds them while dissing biotechnology research. … University of Sussex biology professor David Goulson has become a well-quoted source for journalists reporting on the controversy over neonicotinoids. …The professor, a well known figure in anti-pesticide activist circles, had identified neonics as the primary culprit for bumble bee problems—and he has extended his concern to include honey bees even as a plethora of more recent real world and field realistic studies have forged a consensus in the entomology community that neonics plays a minor role, if any, in honey bee health. That has not dampened Goulson’s enthusiasm for maintaining his presence as the face of the anti-neonic advocacy community.  Read more.

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