Anti-Public Health: Green Agendas

acshlogo“Essay Attacks “Environmentalists” for Anti-Public-Health Agendas,” By American Council on Science and Health. Anopheles_mosquito_malaria_150
Richard Tren has long been well-known as a fervent proponent of the more widespread use of public-health insecticides, especially DDT, to prevent the scourge of malaria in Africa. He co-founded “Africa Fighting Malaria,” and co-authored several tomes and articles on this subject. His current op-ed in, “Anti-Science Environmentalists Ban ‘Neonic’ Insecticides, Imperiling Global Health,” takes the advocates of the “precautionary principle” to task for its dire effect on human life. This so-called principle, simply stated, asserts that any substance, behavior or activity should be first proven “safe,” before being allowed in commerce or the environment. If carried out to its stated extent, it would effectively call a halt to all scientific and technological progress, since in fact nothing can ever be proven completely safe, especially new technologies.  Read more.

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