Antifreeze in Food?

acshlogo“Are You Anti-Antifreeze? Read This,” by Josh Bloom.  scienceandtechnologyAll antifreezes are not created equal. Actually, that should read “both antifreezes are not equal,” since there are only two that are commonly used (but that’s a terrible lead). Yet those two act alike, they sound alike, they even taste alike, but they could not be more different and in that difference is another way where environmental activists get so much wrong about chemicals. The difference is due to a single carbon atom, which makes one a poison and the other a food. Because of that, sometimes activists claim dangerous antifreeze is in food. Yes, environmentalists get organic chemistry wrong. Ain’t science great? One of the two antifreeze chemicals, ethylene glycol, is the poison, the one that can kill your pets if they drink enough of it. It has been the most commonly used antifreeze but is being replaced by the other one, propylene glycol. Read more.

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