Attack on Pesticides Could Increase West Nile Virus Risk

IWF_Logo2“Alarmism May Contribute to West Nile Virus Illnesses,” by Angela Logomasini..PHIL_2168_lores_Asian_tiger
Alarmism and junk science surrounding pesticides may translate into more sicknesses and deaths related to the mosquito-carried West Nile Virus. Activists and others are attacking products that local public officials need to reduce mosquito populations and public health risks. In the past, activists have attacked insect repellants containing the chemical DEET. But one of the best things you can do to reduce risks for your kids and yourself is to use insect repellants, particularly those that contain the chemical DEET. Most recently, the State of Connecticut funded a study to assess the potential impacts of larvicides on lobsters that live in the Long Island Sound. Read the full story on IWF’s Inkwell Blog.

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