Autism and Environmental Toxins

“Just When You Think Science Can’t Get Any Junkier, This Comes Along,” by American Council on Science and Health.acshlogochild_blocks_150
We at ACSH are sure that you have heard us comment repeatedly that nothing surprises us anymore, because we’ve already heard it all. Yet, we must once again eat crow, because we STILL can’t get this right. Just when we think (or are maybe even sure) we’ve seen it all, it turns out we haven’t. Not even close this time. Today’s “How in god’s name can you publish this and keep a straight face” item comes from a group from the University of Chicago. Lead author Andrey Rzhetsky, PhD, and his co-authors writing in the March 13th issue of PLOS Computational Biology have taken twisted logic to a new level, claiming that there is a strong link between autism and environmental toxins. Read more.

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