Bee-S Beepocalypse

news_views_icon“Bee-S Beepocalypse – Don’t Make The Perfect The Enemy Of The Good,” by Hank Campbell.honeybeepb_2_150px
Generally speaking, when a politician goes on television and says he is creating a special task force to look at a product, you know what happened; someone wrote about it in the New York Times and someone did a poll and someone else told him it would look presidential to be bold. And then someone in the environmental movement will invoke DDT. Really, the EPA was not created 40 years ago to protect us from corporations and their chemicals, it was created to stop science policy from being done by anecdote, like happened with DDT. But the EPA is still a political body at the top, so when the president tells his appointed employee that he wants to call a special scientific panel on a topic, they are going to salute and be on the way. Then a bureaucrat is going to tell career scientists at the EPA to do a bunch of new work, even if they just finished doing it it a year ago. Read more.

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