Bisphenol F in Mustard — But Don’t Worry

news_views_icon“Bisphenol F in Mustard? No Problem!” by
Here’s a fact you most certainly didn’t know: Bisphenol F, another substance in the “bisphenol” group, is naturally formed in mustard, and humans have been ingesting it for a long time with little consequence. BPF, like BPA, is an endocrine active substance. Interestingly, according to a recent study from the Swiss Food Safety Administration (BLV), the average person takes in about three times more BPF  from mustard consumption than BPA from his average food consumption, as estimated by EFSA for the average adult. These findings have probably not scared you away from your burgers or the lovely honey mustard sauce you added to your salad for lunch. No one is really concerned about the possible health impacts of BPF ingestion from mustard consumption. Read more.

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