Bloomberg Refuses to Spray to Control Deadly West Nile Virus

“City To Mosquitoes: Don’t Drop Dead,” by Jeff Stier.
In an op-ed in today’s New York Post, I explain why Mayor Bloomberg and his nanny-state health commissioner are putting New Yorkers at risk by failing to stand up to environmental activists who oppose the responsible use of low-concentration pesticides to kill disease-spreading mosquitoes: “As the city headed into the Labor Day weekend, six new West Nile cases were reported — bringing Gotham’s total to 14 (with one fatality) for 2012, up from 11 all last year and with more likely ahead. At least 30 New Yorkers have died from West Nile since it showed up in America.” So you’d think the Health Department would act quickly and assertively to fight the problem. Read the full article on the National Center Blog.

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