BPA Exposure Levels Too Low to Worry About

news_views_icon“Million Here, Million There for BPA: Politicized Research Marches On,” by BiomonitoringInfo.org.bpa_free_plastic_food_storage_container_150
An article in The Hill’s Congress Blog confirms what many of us who have been following the scientific literature have observed: Research spending on bisphenol A (BPA), including biomonitoring studies, has increased dramatically in recent years. BPA research frequently claims health effects from chemical exposure. As Mattie Duppler writes in “Millions for ‘pointless’ research” on Congress Blog, it’s the gift that keeps on giving for “anti-chemical activists.” … While many questions regarding BPA continue to be raised, one important conclusion is clear. Comparison of human exposure levels from biomonitoring studies to lifetime safe exposure levels set by government health agencies expressed in the same units as biomonitoring data (i.e., biomonitoring equivalents) demonstrate that human exposure levels are much lower than biomonitoring equivalent levels. This indicates low risk and no need for concern — the practical scientific definition of safety. Read more.

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