BPA in Blood Not Detectible

news_views_icon“Study Confirms Human BPA Levels Very Low, Non-Detectable: Contaminated Procedures May Have Accounted for Higher BPA Levels Found in Earlier Studies,” by Biomonitoring Info.bpa_free_a
Researchers in Sweden report that BPA (bisphenol A) levels in blood are so low as to be undetectable and higher detected levels of the substance found in previous studies may be attributed to contamination. The findings raise the possibility that concern about the widely publicized chemical found in packaging for many food and beverages may be unfounded — or at least deserves much more scrutiny. Using highly sensitive analytical methods designed to detect even the smallest possible amount of BPA, Swedish researchers found levels that were only 0.2 nanograms per milliliter or about 200 parts per trillion (ppt). Irina Gyllenhammar of Sweden’s National Food Agency led the study that assessed BPA levels in blood (biomonitoring) samples. Read more.

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