BPA-Levels in Food Cans

“Canadian Government Study: Death From Overeating Before Any Risk From BPA,” By Trevor Butterworth, STATS.org.canned_food
The Canadian government, which helped to trigger worldwide fears about the effects of trace amounts of BPA in food by using the precautionary principle to guide risk management, continues to produce studies showing that precautionary thinking is wildly off the mark on BPA. The latest study on BPA sampled 403 domestic and imported cans containing fruit, vegetables, juices, other beverages, legumes, pasta, and soups. Only six found levels of BPA in the parts per billion range. And based on the average levels in these six cans – 1.5 percent of the sample – you would, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, have to eat 30.8lbs of canned food (14 kilos, 50 servings) “to reach an exposure to BPA that may pose a safety concern” (emphasis added). Read more.

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