Acrylamide Fear-Mongering

"Stupid Spelt Backwards: Acrylamide," By David Zaruk, The Riskmonger. In the early 2000s, when risk issues were popping up like poison mushrooms, the Swedish regulators decided to raise alarm bells about the health risks from acrylamide (with human exposures brought about by cooking starchy foods). While other perceived risks attracted patient calls for further research (EMF, GMOs, EDCs, MMR …), the risk from acrylamide exposure drew howls of laughter and cemented Sweden’s reputation as … [Read more...]

Enjoy Those Fries: Acrylamide Fears Unwarranted

"Europe and Australia/New Zealand Buy into Misguided Acrylamide Scare," By American Council on Science and Health. Hasn’t the European Union’s European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) ever heard the (very) old adage that “the dose makes the poison”? From what they say in their latest report on acrylamide, it does not appear so. Basing their decision to post a warning solely on animal studies, they warn that dietary acrylamide is a carcinogenic hazard to humans. And toeing the line with its … [Read more...]

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