Effects of the Idiotic Governmental Policy on Asthma Inhalers

"An Idiotic Governmental Policy That Will Take Your Breath Away—Literally," by American Council on Science and Health. When it comes to government policies regarding health policy, we’ve seen pretty much every type: Meaningless, but mostly harmless, anti-science, money driven, and ill-conceived and harmful. Some of these (the full list would shut down the Internet) include the Hatch DSHEA act of 1994, which allowed untested drugs to be sold under the guise of “food supplements,” state laws that … [Read more...]

Autism and Air Pollution

"5 Caveats About The Autism And Air Pollution Study," by Emily Willingham. Did you read about it? Air pollution levels within a certain range during a woman’s pregnancy and her baby’s early months are linked to an increased risk for autism! The news stories covering this latest “X linked to Autism study” often include commentary only from the report’s lead author, Heather Volk, Ph.D., M.P.H., at the University of Southern California, but no outside comment or critique on the findings. One … [Read more...]

Asthma, Air Quality, and Environmental Activism

"Green Games with Asthma Distract from Real Solutions," by Todd Myers The Seattle Times recently ran an excellent piece on an effort to prevent asthma in children and reduce attacks for those already living with asthma. The article, "Program uses home visits to help asthmatic kids breathe easier," highlights efforts to reduce the incidence of asthma among children by reducing the risk factors in homes. The article tells the story of one boy whose symptoms have disappeared... Read the full … [Read more...]

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