Flame Retardants in Soft Drinks Less Risky than Water

"Inflamed Debate Over a Soda Additive," By Angela Logomasini. A recent announcement by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo that these companies are pulling the ingredient brominated vegetable oil (BVO) out of their soft drinks is no big surprise. It’s yet another example of how junk science and media hype forces needless product reformulations. While such actions don’t make us safer or healthier, they promise to make us poorer.   This case started with a 2013 petition on Change.org, pushed by a … [Read more...]

Pepsico Caves: Removes Chemical from Gatorade

"Pepsi Caves to a Baseless Chemical Scare," by American Council on Science and Health. Sigh. It’s another victory for the scaremongers. PepsiCo. is removing brominated vegetable oil from its citrus-flavored Gatorade drinks after “hearing rumblings” from consumers concerned about the emulsifier. Read the full article on ASCH Dispatch. … [Read more...]

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