Chemicals of Concern and Design for the Environment

"Regulators' Anti-Chemical Smear Campaigns Will Breed An Unsafe World," By Angela Logomasini Useful consumer products may soon disappear from the market and innovation dwindle as regulators—state and local—expand what basically amounts to smear campaigns. These campaigns include listing chemicals on “concern lists” without scientific justification as well as “voluntary” initiatives to reduce “hazardous” products. The crux of the problem is the focus on “hazard” rather than likely risks. Real … [Read more...]

Design for the Environment

"EPA’s Design to Strong-Arm the Chemical Industry," by Angela Logomasini If you believe the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, its Design for the Environment (DfE) program is an example of a voluntary effort to protect the environment. In reality, it’s nothing less than a tool designed strong-arm industry into abandoning useful products. Read the full story on … [Read more...]

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