Battling Misinformation About Consumer Products

"Six Products Battling Misinformation," By The Center for Accountability in Science Team. Earlier this month, Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families warned against Six Products to Avoid Whenever Possible. Despite admonishing “scare-tactic click bait headlines that throw parents into a panic,” the author proceeded to write just that. So, in the interest of setting the record straight, we present: Six Products Battling Misinformation. Read more. Save Save Save … [Read more...]

Hype about Chemicals in Cosmetics Hits New York Times

"NY Times’ Bittman: The Chemical Hitman," by American Council on Science and Health. New York Times columnist Mark Bittman isn’t content just to scare people on food issues — he’s now branched out into other topics. Today he writes in “The Cosmetics Wars,” about how American consumers are purportedly covering their faces, lips and hair with a long list of toxins. Read the full article in ACSH Dispatch. … [Read more...]

EU Potential Ban on Chanel No. 5

"Don't Touch my Shalimar," by American Council on Science and Health. The iconic 90-year-old perfume Chanel No.5 is one of the most well known perfumes worldwide. Now, this world-famous perfume along with other famous brands — such as Shalimar — may soon be banned by the European Union after scientists found that some of the ingredients may cause allergies. The proposed ban was brought to attention after an EU advisory committee identified 100 allergens regularly included in fragrances. Tree … [Read more...]

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