Health Toll of Anti-Pesticide Policies

"Humans Pay the Price for Anti-Pesticide Policies," by Angela Logomasini. I recently went home to Long Island to find that one of my siblings was undergoing treatment for a dangerous tick-transmitted disease. This isn’t the first time my family has suffered from a tick-related illness, and I blame New York State officials in part for outlawing useful tools to fight the region’s growing tick and mosquito populations. Read the full article at the Daily Caller. … [Read more...]

NYS Bureaucrats Contribute to Tick Problem

"New York State Bureaucrats Block Lyme Disease Control," by Angela Logomasini. As Americans gather outdoors to celebrate the 4th of July, ticks are also out — and in record numbers — particularly in certain places like the East End of Long Island. According to the Sag Harbor Express, New York State Department of Health officials recommend that individuals protect themselves by staying inside (the Health Department website does offer some more useful advice). Seriously, that’s just dumb, … [Read more...]

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