Fracking Does not Pollute Water and Air

"Fracking Operators Have Solved Most Problems, are Working on the Rest," By H. Sterling Burnett. Oil and gas operators are on the verge of solving the only arguably legitimate objections raised against the practice of hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas production: earthquakes and water consumption. Innovation has brought good news to an industry that has a serious image problem despite the tremendous good it has done for our country. Environmental lobbyists contend fracking pollutes the air … [Read more...]

Statistics, Regulation, and EPA

"Does Moneyball work for the EPA?: New EPA Particulant Regs Puffery?" by C. Johnson Back in 2003, Michael Lewis wrote “Money Ball,” a book about how an Oakland, CA baseball team under head coach Billy Beane used player statistics to hire team members that gave them the greatest chance of a championship season at the lowest cost. So by 2009 it was pretty clear what was coming when President Obama’s chief regulator, Cass Sunstein, began talking about how federal regulators should act less than … [Read more...]

Organic Food Not Really ‘Special’

"To be Organic or not to be Organic, Why ask the question?" by Sterling Burnett For many years, environmentalists – many of whom seem to hate the very synthetic chemicals that make modern society, high standards of living and the modern “environmental chic” lifestyle possible – have teamed with a small but growing sub-segment of farmers to push for policies that treat ‘organic’ agricultural products as if they were special. Read the full article on the NCPA blog. … [Read more...]

EPA and Clean Air Cases

"Obama’s EPA before the bar: People Two, EPA Zero," By Sterling Burnett The EPA continues its terrible record in the federal courts this year. On March 27, I noted a series of setbacks that the EPA suffered in the courts — instances where EPA zealotry led to insupportable overreach on the agency’s part. For the EPA the hits keep on coming. In August alone two more appeals courts have ruled against the EPA. On August 13, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit rejected the EPA’s … [Read more...]

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