Plastics, Pregnancy & Bad Journalism

"Can't Get Pregnant? Blame It On Plastics! Well, Not If Science Matters," Jon Entine. If you’re having trouble getting pregnant, plastics may be the culprit—at least that’s what a credulous reader might conclude based on recent news reports and a slew of website stories with headlines like: “New studies link BPA and phthalates to miscarriage and infertility.” But as is often the case when journalists report on complex science issues, the headlines do not align with the facts. A careful reading … [Read more...]

Toxic Misinformation on School Supplies

"Killer Backpacks and Other Nonsense," by Julie Gunlock. As kids get ready to start a new year of school, parents are being advised to warn their children about the dangers of…school supplies? Yup! Forget about those trendy issues from last year—like bullying, the need to respect trans-gender preschoolers, drug abuse, and teen pregnancy; this year, hand wringing environmental advocates are shedding light on the great danger posed by unregulated three-ring binders, lunch boxes and back … [Read more...]

Neurotic Green Hype about Chemicals

"The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Neurotic," By Josh Bloom. Many things in life make me crazy. It doesn't take much, as anyone that knows me will confirm. So, it is no surprise that the feature article in last week's Times called "Is It Safe to Play Yet?" did the job. But it happened before the end of second sentence. And that takes something special. Things certainly have changed since I was a kid. People had a slightly different idea of the meaning of the word "safe." Biking to … [Read more...]

“Acknowledge the Mistakes Carson Made”

In today's Wall Street Journal Uganda's director of Health Services Sam Zaramba points out the perils of anti-DDT campaigns to his country. He notes: "Misguided environmentalists are killing Africans ... Environmental leaders must join the 21st century, acknowledge the mistakes Carson made, and balance the hypothetical risks of DDT with the real and devastating consequences of malaria. Uganda has demonstrated that, with the proper support, we can conduct model indoor spraying programs and ensure … [Read more...]

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