Seattle’s Pesticide Ban Won’t Help Honeybees

"Seattle's Action on Honeybees Scientifically Calibrated to Help Politicians, Not Bees," by Todd Meyers. Environmental policy provides numerous examples where trendy politics and ignorance trump sound science. The City of Seattle's latest action to protect honeybees is just the latest example.  Taking a step called "very conservative," the City of Seattle announced it will no longer use a class of pesticides called neonicitinoids. The resolution, which is boilerplate language from other cities, … [Read more...]

Plastic Bag Ban Unpopular

"Kirkland Poll on Plastic Bags: Strong Opposition to a Ban," by Todd Myers. After other local cities have banned plastic grocery bags, the City of Kirkland commissioned a public opinion survey to see what residents would think about bringing the policy to the community. Not much, apparently.  Two results stand out. First, strong majorities opposed charging for plastic bags or banning them altogether. By more than a two-to-one margin, Kirkland residents oppose a plastic bag ban. Similar margins … [Read more...]

Beekeeper Fingers Ethanol Mandate

"My Bees, Pesticides and Washington State's Biofuel Mandate," by Todd Myers. The sun is slowly arriving and the bees in my new beehives, as well as bees across the Northwest, will be happier for it. As they begin to pollinate flowers and orchards, however, they will face a number of challenges: Varroa mites, wasps, pesticides and loss of suitable bee pasture. Recently, various members of the environmental community have seized on the threat from one type of pesticide, known as neonicotinoids, … [Read more...]

Washington State Flame Retardant Debate

"Flame Retardant Ban Advocates Admit New Ban Repeats Errors of Last Ban," by Todd Myers. Last week the House Environment Committee in Olympia considered HB 1294 which would ban a certain type of flame-retardant compound and create a process for identifying alternatives. Supporters of the legislation argue this will get us off the "toxic treadmill" of moving from one risky compound to the next. Read the full article on the Washington Policy Center Blog. … [Read more...]

Washington State Considers Ban on Flame Retardants

"Three Questions for Advocates of the Latest Ban on Flame-Retardants," by Todd Myers. Tomorrow, the House Environment Committee will consider HB 1294, the latest ban on flame-retardant compounds. The bill would ban a compound called Tris and would give the Department of Ecology the authority to ban future flame-retardants "unless a manufacturer demonstrates that there is not a technically feasible safer alternative to the flame retardant." Read the full story on the Washington Policy Center … [Read more...]

Environmental Left At Odds with Science

"Great New Book on Science and the Environment," by Todd Meyers. One of the consistent issues we address here is the gap between the science and Washington's environmental policy - even as policymakers and politicians claim to be following the science. Now there is a great book from the editor of Real Clear Science highlighting the many ways left-wing environmentalists ignore the science when it is inconvenient to their ideology. "Science Left Behind," by Alex Berezow and Hank Campbell … [Read more...]

Asthma, Air Quality, and Environmental Activism

"Green Games with Asthma Distract from Real Solutions," by Todd Myers The Seattle Times recently ran an excellent piece on an effort to prevent asthma in children and reduce attacks for those already living with asthma. The article, "Program uses home visits to help asthmatic kids breathe easier," highlights efforts to reduce the incidence of asthma among children by reducing the risk factors in homes. The article tells the story of one boy whose symptoms have disappeared... Read the full … [Read more...]

Washington State and Flame Retardant Bans

"Department of Ecology Overrules Legislature on Flame Retardant," By Todd Meyers. On Monday, the Washington Toxics Coalition announced that the Department of Ecology would begin the process to list a flame retardant known as Tris as a "chemical of high concern." They announced the decision on Twitter, writing "WE WON! @ecologywa is starting the process to list chlorinated Tris as a chemical of concern to kids!" This announcement stands out for several reasons. Read the full article on the … [Read more...]

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