Chemical Targets

On a regular basis, consumers hear dozens of stories about how chemicals in the home are wreaking havoc on our health. provides a host of resources for consumers concerned about chemicals in general (see list of fact sheets on the right side of this page), but every chemical has its own story–raising different issues and concerns.  For those individuals looking for chemical-specific details, we are working on chemical fact sheets.  We will focus on the chemicals you hear about in the news, give you the real, science-based scoop and tell you the WHOLE story–both the risks and the benefits of these products.   Rather than living in fear based on the headlines, armed with good information you can form your own opinions and make your own choices.

Until we get underway with the fact sheets, below are some links to our existing resources related to just a handful of chemicals that we will cover within a growing inventory of chemical fact sheets.




FORMALDEHYDE (Covered in the see appendix of our study on cosmetics)

PARABENS (Covered in the see appendix of our study on cosmetics)


MERCURY (as found in fish and other food)








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