Chemophobia Exposé

acshlogo“Headline: Can Your Bathmat Cause Cancer? Hey — Don’t Worry About It!” By American Council on Science and Health.fear
In fact, this excellent essay doesn’t even mention bathmats — but it may have to, when the next version comes out. We tried not to mention the entire headline — really, we did — but in the end, we caved, so here it is: Why You Shouldn’t Care That Yogurt, Mouthwash, Red Meat, Burnt Toast, and Bras Have Been Linked to Cancer. This exposé by (Steven) Ross Pomeroy appeared in the Newton Blog of RealClearScience, and should be read by anyone who’s ever had their wits scared out of them by some TV or news media headline asserting that one of their favorite (foods, activities, habits) increased their risk of getting cancer. Read more.

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