Coalition is a collaborative project led by the Competitive Enterprise Institute in partnership with a select group of nonprofits and individuals that focus on chemical policy issues. Membership on the coalition does not mean that we all agree with every point related to chemicals and chemical regulation. Instead we share a commitment to providing the most accurate information about chemicals and their impact on public health and well-being. Our goal is to provide consumers, policymakers, media, and others with the best information available on a host of complex topics related to chemicals, using to connect our readers to research conducted by our members. Sign up for our news feed and/or email list to get insights from our partners on a regular basis as well as news and viewpoints from outside sources. Please visit the websites of our network by following the link from their names below, or browse the research page to view some of our studies. Also check out the fact sheets hosted on for background information, as well as our growing list of backgrounders on the various chemicals in the news. Members include:

Competitive Enterprise Institute

60 Plus Association

American Council on Science and Health

Americans For Tax Reform

Frontiers of Freedom

The Heartland Institute

Independent Women’s Forum

National Center for Policy Analysis

National Center for Public Policy Research

Pelican Institute for Public Policy

Political Economy Research Institute, Raleigh North Carolina

Rio Grande Foundation

Washington Policy Center

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