Consumers Confused About Organic Food Rhetoric

news_views_icon“Study Shows Conflicting Statements on Healthy Eating May Be Impacting Low Income Consumers,” By
A new peer reviewed study shows that conflicting messaging on food safety and nutrition may be having a negative impact on consumers, especially those with lower incomes.  Researchers at the John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future conducted the study which was published in the journal Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment and titled, “’They Just Say Organic Food Is Healthier:’ Perceptions of Healthy Food Among Supermarket Shoppers in Southwest Baltimore.” The researchers conducted one-on-one interviews with study participants to learn more about the way organic food is understood within consumers’ definitions of healthy food. The researchers stated that they explored this topic among consumers living in an underserved, low-income neighborhood because “this group is particularly important demographically given the disparate burden of diet-related diseases they carry and the frequency of diet-related messages they receive.” Read more.

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