Cosmetics and Cancer Claims

news_views_icon“Safe” Chemicals Used In Makeup and Skincare Doubles Cancer Risk by Katherine Corkill. makeup150
Well I had hoped to not be broaching this subject yet again.  However there was an article that I took exception to this month that was written by a gal in the UK for the Epoch Times.  My particular concern is through her attempted proclamations of fact there was not a single link to support her objective.  I have read countless arguments, misconstrued facts, skewed data only to see yet again another article that goes beyond the pale of exploiting the phobia of chemicals by removing the premise that once known “safe” chemicals in low doses are found to be acceptable in things we consume in our everyday lives, may no longer be the case. It has a single purpose, to scare us out of enjoyment of our personal care products based on an ideology.  Read More.

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