Could Salad Be Hazardous to Your Health?

“Salad: The Silent Killer?” By Julie Gunlock.
That’s it, folks. There’s nothing left to eat. With news this week that salad may be hazardous to your health, it’s clear we all need to stop eating altogether. Let’s face it, food is a killer. Americans have been hearing just that for decades, and yet life expectancy continues to rise while cancer rates go down, as do deaths due to heart disease. And yet, the food alarmism continues. In the 1990s, Americans were warned to avoid butter, cheese, and eggs. Then it was tuna, followed by red meat, followed soon by all forms of animal-based protein. Next, it was carbohydrates—the pastas, breads, corn-based foods, and rice. Next, we were told bacon was causing cancer along with luncheon meats. More recently, we’ve heard warnings about wine and soft drinks (even diet drinks), and all food items containing sugar. Read more.


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