Dangers Associated with Potential Ban on Anti-Bacterial Soap and Gels

CEI_logo-2“Immune Compromised Patients Will Suffer from Anti-Bacterial Soap Ban,” By Angela Logomasini.patientsmall150
Many people with compromised immune systems use antibacterial soaps and gels, particularly when they’re on the go, to reduce health risks. But environmentalists have launched a campaign to ban triclosan, the active ingredient in these soaps. That action would do nothing for public health while thwarting consumer access to helpful products. These anti-chemical groups have so demonized triclosan by spreading misinformation that some manufacturers have agreed to phase it out of their products. And the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has called on manufacturers to provide more data on the substance in response to a lawsuit brought by the Natural Resources Defense Council. The lawsuit addresses bureaucratic delays related to FDA review of the substance. … Read more.

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