(Dis)Honest Company: Scientifically Deceitful

acshlogo“Why the Jessica Alba Detergent Fiasco Matters,” by Josh Bloom.scienceandtechnology
The juicy details of what I’ve named “Waterspot Gate” — the utter farce that could not have possibly made Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company look worse— mostly involve a series of intentional misstatements and outright lies about the company’s products. They only serve to throw more dirt into the grave that the company itself dug. Wall Street Journal reporter Serena Ng, whose thorough and tireless research peeled away one lie after another, had both company officials and suppliers tripping over each other in an apparent contest to see who could create the most egregious falsehood. It is all but impossible to decide who won this contest; even a week later, I still find my jaw hanging open when I read statements that seem as though they were cobbled together by the Keystone Cops. Read more.

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