Dr. Oz Admits: Conventional Produce is Safe and Healthy

news_views_icon“Dr. Oz Agrees With Health Experts – Eat More Conventional and Organic Produce,” by SafeFruitsandVeggies.com.
pepper2Despite his segment last week about pesticide residues which was clearly designed to scare viewers and raise produce safety concerns, Dr. Oz’s own viewpoint regarding consumption of conventionally grown produce appears to agree with health experts everywhere who recommend consuming more of either conventionally or organically grown produce for improved health. Following the airing of the segment “What the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know,” the Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF) reached out to the Dr. Oz Show for clarification on the doctor’s recommendation for consumers. Our main question in the outreach concerned a Time Magazine editorial by Dr. Oz which ran a year ago and seemed to be in direct contrast with the content from last week’s show (and previous shows). Among Dr. Oz’s statements in Time: Read more on SafeFruitsandVeggies.com.

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