EPA Appoints “Science” Official

acshlogo“In the mood for some nice government-speak? EPA appoints new ‘Scientific Integrity Official,’” by American Council on Science and Health.epa
Well, we can all rest a little uneasier today: thanks to a new EPA appointee, there will be a sudden and profound uptick in the environmental agency’s integrity when evaluating research and formulating scientific policies. Not. In announcing the creation of a new Orwellian-sounding position called the “scientific integrity official,” EPA administrator Gina McCarthy says, “Dr. [Francesca] Grifo brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to EPA that will help continue our work to implement the agency’s scientific integrity policy. Science is, and continues, to be the backbone of this agency and the integrity of our science is central to the identity and credibility of our work.” Read more at ACSH.org.

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