EU’s Nonsensical Precautionary Regulations

news_views_icon“The Junk Science Threat to Free Trade,” By Julie Girling.shutterstock_coffee-beans_F
French red lines on agriculture and America’s desire to have financial regulation be treated outside the current trade negotiations dominate the headlines about the proposed trans-Atlantic free-trade zone. But the biggest threat to the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership may well be the EU’s expanding embrace of “precautionary” regulation—often in contradiction to established norms of science and risk management. … Activists blame any number of maladies—from cancer to obesity and attention deficit disorder—on EDs [endocrine disruptors], which they say mimic the action of hormones produced by our bodies’ endocrine systems. But many if not most things that humans come into contact with in the environment can have effects on hormones and could theoretically be classified as “endocrine disruptors,” including sunlight, apples, coffee, and soy. … Read More.

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