EWG Also Wrong about Chemical in Bread Dough

IWF_Logo2“EWG’s Alarmist Claims about Bread Dough Additive: Weak and Mushy,” By Angela Logomasini.brread2_150
Today, let’s look at the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) warning about potassium bromate, which is number two on the group’s dirty dozen food additive list. Again, EWG’s alarmist claims are weak and mushy. Potassium bromate is added to dough in the making of bread to help improve texture and elasticity of the bread and make it airy and light. It can be toxic to humans exposed to relatively high, concentrated levels of the substance. But trace levels used in bread are too low to worry about, and the chemical is mostly eliminated through cooking. When the dough is cooked the chemical changes into potassium bromide, which is inert as EWG admits. Read more.

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