EWG Junk Science

acshlogo“Junk Science Comes Back and Bites the Environmental Working Group in the Can,” by American Council on Science and Health.canned_food
If there is a better example of what happens when junk science meets reality, good luck finding it. Look no further than today’s New York Times article about how a misguided attempt to solve a non-problem turned into a real problem. ACSH’s Dr. Josh Bloom says, “Let’s give (negative) credit to the ‘anti-BPA cottage industry.’ They have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in scaring the public about a big fat nothing— tiny levels of exposure to BPA —one of the components of polycarbonate and polyether plastics. BPA is ubiquitous in modern life. And also non-modern life, since it has been used safely for more than 50 years, most commonly as a liner/sealant in canned foods.” Read more.

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