EWG’s Anti-Food Preservative Hype

IWF_Logo2“EWG Claims about Food Additives Don’t Add Up,” By Angela Logomasini.chips
Now that your holiday Turkey leftovers are done or nearly so, let’s again look at some of the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) “dirty-dozen” food additives. We already debunked claims about “dangers” lurking in your bacon with a slice of bread, but what about chemicals found in muffins, potato chips, cereal, and sausage? Each of these food items contains chemicals on EWG’s list that the group notes regulators have determined are “generally recognized as safe.” But “generally safe” isn’t’ good enough for EWG; the group suggests we need absolute safety, asking the question “but is it?” [safe] about each chemical. In reality, nothing in life is 100 percent safe. That does not mean we must fear every substance known to man and every activity in life. Instead, we make choices that weigh the benefits of a product or activity against its risks. Read more.

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