Fanning Flames on Flame Retardants

acshlogo“Forgive this Pun, but Once Again, Flame Retardants are a Hot Topic in the News,” By American Council on Science and Health.acsh_flame_retardant_cover_full
“Chemicals found in moms and kids,” screams the headline! There is nothing new. This time, the “news” comes from an article in the Chicago Tribune written by Michael Hawthorne. “News” is a stretch, since this has been going on forever, with the same arguments being recycled over and over. Yet, our dear friends at the Environmental Working Group (EWG) seem to be so enamored with recycling (another pun, and a really bad one at that) the topic is here once again. Why? Who knows? Maybe they haven’t reached their annual quota of phony scares, and are doing the activist equivalent of rerunning episodes of Green Acres. Ask them. Read more.

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