Feeding the World with the Help of Herbicides

acshlogo“’Atrazine and The Forever War on Science’ Makes for Scary yet Incisive Reading,” by American Council on Science and Health.corns_ARS_150
In a brilliantly-written perspective piece on his Science 2.0 blog, Hank Campbell skewers a lot of folks who really need skewering. His scythe and rapier draw blood from his targets, and his insights accrue to the reader: the rampant chemophobia pervasive in America, where “chemicals” are feared when they are recognized at all; the pandering of pseudo-journalists giving a soapbox to the nonsense attacks on an important herbicide, atrazine; the researcher whose outrageous reports and even worse allegations of persecution seem to have outweighed all the science, to one hero-worshiping (or merely publicity-seeking) writer in the estimable weekly, The New Yorker. Read more.

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