Fracking Fears Unfounded

“Denton, TX, “Birthplace” of Fracking, Votes it off the Island. So What?,” By American Council on Science and Health.acshlogooil_pumping_fracking
A relatively minor footnote to the major election news last Tuesday occurred in a small college town in the vast oil and gas region known as the Barnett Shale. Not far from Dallas, Denton TX is known in some circles as the birthplace of the technology known by cognoscenti as high-volume hydraulic fracturing of shale to release and collect the entrapped natural gas and other fossil fuels. This method is more commonly known as fracking, an unfortunate choice of terminology that lends itself all-too-well to ridicule and condemnation based on…well, based on its name, mainly, and to a litany of “concerns” among a segment of our population fighting technology and progress. Read more.

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