Glyphosate Fabrications Unraveling?

acshlogo“Glyphosate: A Slow But Steady Vindication,” By Alex Berezow.roundup_pesticide_weed_killer
There has been a long history of ridiculous fearmongering by environmental activists masquerading as health experts. BPA, MSG, Alar, DDT, and food coloring are just a handful of chemicals that fell prey to overblown fears or outright fabrications. Today, the whipping boy that takes the brunt of the unfounded chemophobic assault on science is the herbicide glyphosate. Glyphosate is demonized primarily for one reason: Monsanto. To many of its irrational detractors, who refer to the company as “Monsatan,” anything the company touches is, by definition, evil. The seed giant genetically engineered some of its crops to be resistant to glyphosate so that farmers could spray it on their fields; the crops would survive while the weeds were destroyed. It’s not a perfect solution. For instance, glyphosate resistance among weeds is becoming a larger problem. Read more.

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