Green Politics Won’t Save Monarch Butterflies

CEI_logo-2“Green Exploitation of the Monarch Butterfly,” By Angela Logomasini.monarch150
Butterflies offer powerful imagery for environmental groups looking to advance their agendas. After all, who doesn’t want to save these beautiful creatures? Surely green activists could leverage those desires to advance voluntary efforts to create butterfly habitat. But the actions of some groups indicates that they would rather  exploit the butterflies to gain policy victories in Washington, even if the butterflies suffer as a result. Conservationists rightly point out that monarch butterflies face challenges associated with habitat loss because there are not enough of the type of plants that they need for food and reproduction. In particular, these creatures feed and reproduce among milkweed, a flower that many people consider to be nothing more than an undesirable weed. As a result, farmers, homeowners, and other property owners have removed these plants, leaving less habitat for the butterflies. Read more.

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