Greens Admit: BPA Does Not Cause Breast Cancer

news_views_icon“BPA A Concern For Breast Cancer? Not According To Study By Leading Environmental Group,” by Trevor Butterworth,
A massive synthesis of data from the National Toxicology Program and consensus reports from international cancer authorities has identified 102 chemicals as critical for breast cancer research and prevention. The list, compiled by researchers from the Silent Spring Institute and the Harvard School of Public Health, is derived from studies of chemical exposures and mammary gland tumors in rodents and how these might translate into human exposures, and cancer risks, as measured by biomarkers in blood, urine, saliva, breast milk, and hair. The Silent Spring Institute, named in honor of the crusading environmentalist Rachel Carson, who died of breast cancer, describes the study as “a road map for breast cancer prevention by identifying high-priority chemicals and evaluating tools to measure exposure.” Read more.

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