Health Canada Declares BPA Safe–Again

news_views_icon“Canada: More Junk Science? The Anti-BPA Crusade Is Back,” by Ronald L. Doering.health_canada
The 25-year controversy involving BPA in food packaging won’t go away. It continues to hang ominously like a black cloud over the food industry….Over the years Health Canada (HC) conducted periodic reviews of BPA to determine whether dietary exposure to it could pose a health risk to consumers. … HC’s Food Directorate has concluded again unequivocally that the current dietary exposure to B… HC has made a real effort to make the science available to the lay public and to try to interpret it in ways that the ordinary consumer can understand. HC’s study of BPA levels in canned drinks, for example, notes that a person would have to consume 940 canned drinks in one day to reach the tolerable daily intake. Still, the issue is raging back … Read the full article on

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