Healthy Foods, Bad Advice

acshlogo“Four Foods You Should Probably Eat,” by American Council on Science and Health.canned_food
CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta interviewed David Jack, an editor from Men’s Health about five foods one should supposedly never eat. And the ridiculous claims made by Jack were soaked right up by Gupta. James Cooper sums up the poor science behind each claim made by “nutrition expert” Jack in an on-point editorial in the Examiner entitled “Sanjay Gupta bats 1 in 5 on foods you should never eat.” The five foods were strawberries, white chocolate, sprouts, canned tomatoes and swordfish. Only one of those five, sprouts, actually pose a health threat. Raw sprouts have a higher likelihood of being contaminated by salmonella or E-coli, according to the FDA and EFSA, than other pre-packaged leafy veggies. Here’s a kicker though – organic sprouts are just as likely to be contaminated as non-organic sprouts.  Read the full story on ACSH’s website.

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