Honeybees and Pork-Barrel Politics

CEI_logo-2“Saving the Bees vs. Pork Barrel Spending,” By Angela Logomasini.honeybee_sunflower_150
The Obama administration has finally released its “National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators.” It’s the federal government’s answer to all the hype found in the news related to the health of the nation’s honeybee hives. While it’s not clear what it will achieve for the bees, we can be sure it comes with lots of pork-barrel spending, government handouts, and shortsighted pesticide polices that undermine food production. I have documented why much of the hype on this issue is misinformed and why solutions will only come from private collaboration between various parties — primarily beekeepers and farmers. The federal government is the last entity that will be able to “save” the honeybee. Read more.

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