Huffington Post’s Chemical Fearmongering

NCPPRBugLogo70x70“At ‘HuffPo’ Fearmongering Is an Olympic Sport,” By Jeff Stier.skating
What is to blame for spiraling medical spending? Exposure to chemicals in food containers, of course. In a dazzling display of confusion between association and causation, Huffington Post environmental and public health columnist Lynne Peeples writes that: “Health care spending in the U.S. has surged more than eightfold since the 1960s. Skyrocketing in that same time: Rates of chronic disease, use of synthetic chemicals, and evidence that many of these widely used substances may be wreaking havoc on human health.” Her theory begins with three statements of fact from longtime anti-chemical crusader Dr. Philip Landrigan, chairman of the department of preventative medicine at New York’s Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Read More.

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