Ignore Greens’ Dirty Politics

“Don’t Let Annual List Release Put a Damper On Spring,” by SafeFruitsandVeggies.com.news_views_iconred_apple_150
It’s April now, spring is here which means an even bigger variety of healthy and safe fruit and veggies will be available to consumers at restaurants, grocery stores and farmers’ markets. But before consumers can get too excited, they’ll be greeted this month with the annual release of the “dirty dozen” list which inaccurately calls into question the safety of fruits and vegetables most popular among American consumers. But prior to dampening consumer enthusiasm about spring produce by promoting or covering the “dirty dozen” list, the Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF) asks that people read the actual USDA Pesticide Data Program report  first.  The Environmental Working Group (EWG) says it bases its so-called list on this government report so why not read what it actually says.  Then review the peer reviewed Journal of Toxicology paper which analyzed EWG’s list methodology.  Read more.

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