Josh Bloom Interview: Pesticides and Bedbugs

acshlogo“Bedbugs of Manhattan Government’s Role in the Urban Scourge,”By James Freeman.bedbugs150
Why do bedbugs keep showing up in the greatest city in the world? It turns out that human error is as much to blame as the resilience of the six-legged critters. Recent bedbug discoveries in New York City’s subway system and in the midtown Manhattan offices of Pacific Investment Management are only the latest chapters in a long, creepy story for Gotham residents. And even if recent incidents don’t approach the worst of the city’s infamous bedbug invasion of 2010, New Yorkers and the city’s many annual visitors can reasonably ask why the nighttime menace cannot be eradicated. A big part of the answer involves misguided regulation going back decades. Josh Bloom of the American Council on Science and Health is a former pharmaceutical researcher and author of various patents who holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Virginia. Mr. Bloom explains … Read more.

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