Junk Science Alert: Headaches & BPA Water Jugs

news_views_icon“A Debate that Causes Headaches: Rushed Conclusions from Recent Study on BPA,” by BPA Coalition.watercooler
A new study from the University of Kansas was published claiming that drinking water from plastic bottles and water coolers containing BPA could cause migraines. It has since been picked up by media such as the British Daily Mail which reported that the study imitated human exposure to BPA in a laboratory where rats were administered BPA once every three days. The results of the study allegedly indicate that rats exposed to BPA became less active, sensitive to loud noise and strong light, were easily startled and demonstrated migraine-like behaviours. Luckily for us, normal human exposure is quite different and these conclusions, as highlighted before, jump the gun. Read more at BPACoalition.org.

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